Our Grand Adventure

Our Grand Adventure

Yesterday I was home alone working on the computer and decided to put on Netflix. “Walt before Mickey” was in my wish list. Being that I am a huge Disney guy I thought I would watch this. I knew the whole story having already read, “Walt Disney” by Neal Gabler. Gabler’s book is over 900 pages detailing much of Walt’s life. The movie did a pretty good job hitting all the basics of his life before Mickey. However, as I sat down to write this blog it reminded me of something. Walt Disney never set out to create Mickey Mouse. That was never his vision. His Vision was to revolutionize the world of animation and produce the highest quality pictures in the business. Mickey, Minnie and the gang fit into that vision after much loss and many lessons learned.

I share the story above because it very much mirrors what my wife Jess and I are doing. We desire to produce the best possible coffee we can. Like Disney, we did not set out to do what we are doing now. Our vision, was not to roast and sell coffee for the rest of our life. However, we love doing this, we love using the highest quality products to produce exceptional coffee. What drives us even more than preforming at a high level, is walking with men and women as they battle wounds they have experienced from mom’s, dad’s and even the church. We love being able to use the profits of this great business that Jesus has built through us to love on and bless others. That is why all of our coffee’s are single source. We don’t want to roast coffee and make money. We want to use money as a tool to make the world a better place. We want to allocate out money wisely, so it can have the biggest bang for the buck. If this is a story and vision you could get behind I would love to have you buy our coffee. If you know of a business or coffee shop in your area that might want to support this vision we would love to create an account with them too! I look forward to talking more with you guys in future blogs.

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