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Roast Level: Light Roast 

Tasting Notes:  Chocolate, Floral, Caramel 

Origin:  Los Naranjos

Farm Causes: 

-Rainforest conservation 

 -Women’s Producer                                                                      

-Allows visitors to come and stay on a hotel on their property

Customer Reviews

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Erin Jackson
My Cup of Happy

From the first aromatic whiff to the lingering aftertaste, this chocolate, floral, caramel flavored coffee is a symphony of indulgence, a true testament to the artistry of coffee crafting. Dive into a cup and let it transport you to a world where every sip is a moment of pure bliss.

Wow I love this description! Beautifully written Erin!

Randall Roberts
My favorite coffee

I found this coffee two years ago and this is all I drink now. Makes a really good cold brew also.

Thanks for the review Randall!

Gary Becker
.my new go to coffee company

I am enjoying all the different coffees I am trying such great taste and from around the world so rich and flavorful and the price is reasonable I like the pound package they are a great way to try all these coffees from around the globe give them a try you will enjoy

Thanks so much Gary!!

Mercedes Levy
Light and delicious

Love the scent of this coffee in my kitchen every morning. The chocolate and caramel accents provide this light roast a wonderful flavor. Light without being weak.

I bet your kitchen is such a welcoming place to be! So glad RRC can be there!

Renate Campbell

I usually like darker roasts but Panama is delicious!

It is soooo good!