Weight + Grind

Dark Roast

Farmed Naturally

Traded Fairly

Flavor Notes:Full Body, Bold, Smooth, Smoky 

Sumatra is our darkest roast.  What I love most about this lot of coffee is the people we are able to support when we purchase it. 

Here is their story:

 This lot comes from the female members of the cooperative Kopi Wanita, which is a part of a larger grower group called Koptan Gayo Maegan Berseri. Kopi Wanita is a Fairtrade-certified group which grows organic coffee in the Jagong District of Aceh, Sumatra.

Almost 40 percent of Kopi Wanita's members are female, many of them widowed or raising children alone as single parents. Agriculture is the primary source of income for most people in the area, and it is especially difficult for single mothers to tend to both crops and children, in addition to households and community obligations. The co-op hopes that by separating and marketing the women's coffee they will be able to return the profits to training programs for the female members, including farm training and education in other skills that will help them earn a sustainable living

Help us continue to support this great co-op and enjoy an amazing cup of coffee in the process!

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