Decaf Colombia
Decaf Colombia
Decaf Colombia

Decaf Colombia

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Dark Roast

Flavor Notes:  Chocolate, Nutty Smooth, Carmel 

This coffee is decaffeinated naturally by sugar cane fermenting and used to extract caffeine in a process called Ethyl Acetate decaffeination.

Customer Reviews

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Patricia Tellez

I was very surprised to find I liked the strong decaf.

Shanna Jackson

My mother in law can only drink decaf coffee, and everyone only carries 1 variety. Yes, Redemption Road Coffee only has 1, but it tastes dang good! Out of all the other decaf's I have bought her - Redemption Road Decaf Colombia is by far her favorite, and by spoiling her with it often I ensure I am her favorite daughter-in-law! Thank you!

Awww!! I am SO happy to hear that, thank you Shanna!!

Ryen Schimerman
Great, but needs to be dialed in

So like several coffees I've gotten, this one really needs to be dialed in. Like a lot of specialty coffee and single origin the taste profile changes dramatically once you've gotten it dialed in. For me, doing espresso, to get shift the flavor from funky to nutty I had to go much finer. With that though, it became a very tasty treat! It does seem like there's some more chaff in the bag though, than other local roasters.

Thank you Ryan for this review!! Im happy to talk with you more on this if you need, just give me a call at 720-745-0158.

Jim Daher
Great brew

I’m not a huge fan of decaf, but if I do have one in the evening, it’s always redemption Road

Yay!! Im so glad that you enjoyed it!

Best Decaf

I will admit it: I am a coffee snob. It was difficult for me to accept that I needed to cut down on my caffeine consumption (aging is just so much fun), because most decafs just taste like watered down and/or more bitter versions of decent coffee.
I have now found the decaf to change that perception. The Decaf Columbia from Redemption Road Coffee has all the depth of character and subtle notes of a really good fully caffeinated coffee. It is so rich and smooth that I don't mind at all when the clock tells me that it is past caffeine-o'clock
I will even choose to start the day with this decaf some mornings over a caffeinated variety just because I like it so much. But don't tell anyone; my fellow coffee addicts would be aghast at the very concept! Until they have tried this particular decaf, that is.

We won't tell anyone Ali, but sooooo glad you love it!! ;)