Decaf Colombia
Decaf Colombia
Decaf Colombia

Decaf Colombia

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Dark Roast

Flavor Notes:  Chocolate, Nutty Smooth, Carmel 

This coffee is decaffeinated naturally by sugar cane fermenting and used to extract caffeine in a process called Ethyl Acetate decaffeination.

Customer Reviews

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Best Decaf

I will admit it: I am a coffee snob. It was difficult for me to accept that I needed to cut down on my caffeine consumption (aging is just so much fun), because most decafs just taste like watered down and/or more bitter versions of decent coffee.
I have now found the decaf to change that perception. The Decaf Columbia from Redemption Road Coffee has all the depth of character and subtle notes of a really good fully caffeinated coffee. It is so rich and smooth that I don't mind at all when the clock tells me that it is past caffeine-o'clock
I will even choose to start the day with this decaf some mornings over a caffeinated variety just because I like it so much. But don't tell anyone; my fellow coffee addicts would be aghast at the very concept! Until they have tried this particular decaf, that is.

We won't tell anyone Ali, but sooooo glad you love it!! ;)

Hollye Goddard
Perfect Decaf

Would never know this is decaf. Absolutely delicious. Finish dinner with a cup every evening.

Im so happy to hear you love it! Thank you!

Thomas Thompson
For a decaf

It has a pleasant gentle flavor

Thanks Thomas!

Melanie Freedman
Best Coffee Company

Best coffee and best coffee flavor.

Thank you so much Melanie!

Ben Booher
Decaf Columbia

I love the taste. Great for after dinner.

Thanks so much Ben!