The Story of our Logo

The Story of our Logo


Hello Friends, those who know me know that I am a very intentional guy. There are very few things that I do that don't have a purpose. So as you can imagine that our logo while it might look simple, it has so very cool symbolism behind it. For me, it was similar to creating a family crest. What do I want to tell the world I stand for? What do I want to encourage them to join me in? Well, here is the story.

In the spring of 2016, Jess and I went on vacation with my parents, I asked my mom to help me create the logo for our newly formed company. My mom has always been a very creative woman. She has drawn me watercolor paintings that hang in my office and sown a beautiful portrait that we have framed in our dining room commemorating our wedding day. I told her some of the ideas I had and the meaning behind them. She was able to draw up a few things, and we talked about the philosophy behind the image.

I have always been inspired by the founders of our country. When you walk into independence Hall in Philadelphia, you will see a chair at the front of the room. This chair was used all summer in 1787 by George Washingon as the delegates from the different states formed the Constitution. Across the top, there is an image of the sun on the horizon. It is said Benjamin Franklin wondered all summer whether that was a rising sun or a setting sun. It wasn't until the Constitution was signed in September of1787 that he declared it was rising sun.

I have always been a man who holds on to hope. I pursue boldly the vision that God has put in my heart. The sun in our logo is a rising sun that represents the vision we have to impact the world for good.

Living in Colorado and being able to go to the mountains whenever I want is amazing. However, I have learned a lot from being in the mountains. For instance, everyone wants to be on the mountain top. They want a "mountain top" experience. Yet in reality, no towns and very few structures are built on mountain tops. Why? Because, while it might be epic and beautiful a couple days a year, storms, wind, lightning, snow, lack of oxygen and many other factors make it incredibly hard to have any kind of thriving life up there. All the towns are formed in the valley where the mountains often shield the people from the big weather. Valley's are also an excellent launching point for epic adventures. For me, the mountains have always represented adventure, testing, struggle, perseverance, joy, and freedom. In our logo, we are in the valley looking into the mountains which represent the fullness and wildness of life as we live this epic adventure.

At Redemption Road Ministries, the not for profit I created and RRC helps fund, we encourage men to pursue healing of the emotional wounds we all have received across our life. This always requires intentional action into places within us that we don't often want to go. However, if we muster up the courage to go after healing and wholeness with safe people, the life Jesus intended for us can often be found. It's so easy to numb, to go dead inside, to allow days, weeks, or months to go by without feeling. I wanted a road leading to the mountains and the rising sun to represent the intentional choosing of the hard, epic, struggle laden, freeing, beautiful, life-giving battle that is our day to day adventure. We at Redemption Road Coffee choose to live life to the fullest intentionally and fully.

I know this is a lot of data but its part of who we are and we would love for you to know us more fully. We have ordered these awesome Tervis cups with our logo on them. If you are someone who can relate with our passions and want to tell our story while you tell your own, I would love for you to order one of these mugs. I have no doubt you will enjoy it.



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