Whisky Aged Malawi

Whisky Aged Malawi

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We are excited to offer Whisky Aged Coffee! We age the green coffee for one month in 50 gallon drums. We use American Oak staves that have been custom toasted and saturated for each coffee. The natural origin characteristics of the coffee and the custom staves create a beautiful pairing of coffee and whisky flavors. We then expertly roast the coffee to ensure that we extract all of the flavors that are in the coffee to bring you the best cup when brewed.

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I am a huge fan of the Malawi coffee from Redemption Road. I've been drinking it for about 8 months, now, and with the first sip of every cup, I am reduced to swearing - "Holy crap, that's good coffee!"
I've really wanted to try the Whisky Aged variety for months, but it's always been sold out. FINALLY, I was able to order some as a New Year's gift for myself. And now I know why it is always sold out!
All I can say is that, instead of being reduced to profanity by it, the thought that passes through my head is "I am not worthy."
I somehow made myself share some with my sister when she came over for coffee last week. She agrees that I am not worthy, either. ;p
Pretty sure she has ordered some for herself, though, by now. She was very impressed, and as a trained sommelier, she can be hard to impress, especially when it is something her baby sister introduced her to.

This might be the best review ive ever read, you're amazing Ali THANK YOU!!

Owen Corwin
Awesome Company Awesome Coffee

We love Redemption Road Coffee we had first found out about them at the Christ Kindle market in Denver and been loyal customers ever since . We love the Malawi the best.👍 drop it off right at her doorstep anytime we like

We appreciate you so much!!

James B.
Anything but boring

The whiskey aged Malawi is by far our favorite coffee out there!

Awesome, it is SOOO good!!

Barbara Olshansky
Amazing taste and brew aroma

I am a huge fan of the Malawi in general. I order the 5 lb bag as my daily brew. However the Whiskey age Malawi is so unique and always order at least 2 lbs whenever they have it. The brew aroma is enticing and you know the flavor will match the aroma. Highly recommend this for a special treat to your coffee passion.

Thanks for the tips Barbara, we so appreciate your review!

Louise Wilson
Whiskey malawi

I'm a creature of habit- regular Malawi is my brand. Not a big fan of the whiskey version. But love the opportunity to try something new