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Flavor Notes: Brown sugar sweetness, nutty, chocolate 

Jorge is a third-generation farmer and grew up visiting his grandpa’s and parents’ coffee farms. He studied to be a veterinarian in Guatemala and still works part-time as a vet in the capital city of Tegucigalpa.

Jorge and his wife Vanessa owned a smaller farm for several years; he bought Finca Tierra de Leyendas in 2011 with the dream of growing a large and successful coffee farm (Tierra de Leyendas translates to “Land of Legends”). At the time, half of the property had been stripped to be used for cattle grazing and planting sugar cane, so Jorge worked to replant trees throughout the farm and decided to plant coffee below half of the remaining forest and leave the other half as a protected reserve.

He loves growing coffee because it provides so much employment. He started with 5 full-time employees and now has 30 full-time employees and 120 pickers during the harvest. He is proud to pay better than most in the area and see how the lives of his employees have improved. He told me, ‘I know the homes of my employees, and I have seen how they have improved over the years. That is what makes it all worth it for him.

Jorge is a strong Christian and is very involved in the Great Commission church in Tegucigalpa and the Great Commission Foundation (https://grancomision.org/). He is currently on the leadership team for the church and oversees 8 discipleship groups. 




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Janet Muttillo
Store Manager/Buyer

Excellent coffee

Thanks so much!

Margaret Dunnington
The perfect cup of coffee

Fresh great flavors and superb service

So happy to hear it! Thanks so much!

Renate Campbell
Great coffee!

I tried 4 ounces of Honduras and really liked it. I have ordered more!

Amazing! Thank you so much Renate!

Tony Reese
Great Flavor

This coffee is smooth and offers a great flavor that is not bitter. Exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you so much Tony!

Randall Roberts
Found my new coffee roaster

I tried the Honduran and it was so good it had to order a few more. One of the best coffee roasters in colorado.

We appreciate that review Randall! We are so glad you found us!